Welcome to al-Salik, the virtual home of Khanqah Imdadiyyah Ashrafiyyah – located in Union City, California. This website is dedicated to those matters which deal with Tasawwuf, Suluk, Purifying the Heart, and Attaining Closeness to Allah Ta’ala. Our Murshid & Shaykh, Hadrat Mawlana Tameem Ahmadi (damat barakatuhum) is the Khalifah of the late Hadrat Mawlana Shah Hakim Muhammad Akhtar (qadasallahu sirrahu) (1928-2013) & Hadrat Mawlana Qammaruzaman Illahabadi (damat barakatuhum). Seekers will find a vast array of malfuzat, audios, islahi letters, questions & answers, and other articles on this website for their benefit as they traverse the path. Before asking a question, please take due diligence to search through the archives and index to see if your matter has been answered already.

Avoiding Revenge & Focusing on Loftier Objectives

Hakīm al-Ummah رح said, “ ‘Khan Sahib’ [Mawlana Ahmed Reza Khan Brelawi] has always cursed me but not even the waswasa of revenge against him has come into my heart. Obviously, if an antagonist criticizes and insults us, we are not

Respect for Those of Knowledge: The True Way of our Akābir

Hakīmul-Ummah رحمه الله تعالى mentioned the following when there was a lot of criticism upon him as to why he would not involve himself in the Islamic political movements of the time— compare this to the debates and rebuttals nowadays which

Masjid Partition: Its Place in the Shari`ah

Indeed, one of the sad losses in the modern Muslim community is a loss of `ubudiyyah (servanthood to Allah) as the approach to and goal of Muslim life. Our approach should reflect Islamicizing modern life rather than modernizing Islamic life. During the Prophetic

The Journey of Hajj in Our Day & Age

A student asked for du’a, due to the current chaos involved in signing up for Hajj, people being in limbo and not knowing what to do next , and the uncertainty of the current registration process. Hadrat responded, “May Allah Ta’ala

Lack of Interest & Zeal in Dhikr & Ibādah

A murīd writes to Hakim al-Ummah رح saying, “Nowadays my condition is really down. I’m feeling depressed and have no zeal to do any worship. I’m forcing myself and there’s no shawq.” Hakīm al-Ummah’s Reply: “Having zeal or excitement in your

Seeking ‘Wusul’ Is Also A Veil

I came across this old malfuz that Hadrat had mentioned that was a very beneficial reminder, especially in these final hours of Ramadan, I hope others may find it as beneficial as I did: Seeking “wusul” (to attain) is also a

Livestream for Tafsir and Hadith

Livesteam for Durud Majlis & Islahi Majlis


Common questions regarding tasawwuf

What is Tasawwuf?

Tasawwuf is commonly referred to as suluk (traveling the path to Allah) or also tazkiyah (purification of the nafs).  The reality of tasawwuf is to adorn both the outward

What is a Shaykh of Tasawwuf?

(Read “What is Tasawwuf?” first)  A shaykh of tasawwuf is someone who has been traveling the path of Din for a considerable amount of time, with knowledge and practice

What is Bay’ah?

Renewal of One’s Repentance and Commitment One of the traditions associated with the path of taṣawwuf that is often misunderstood is the institution of bayʿah or ʿahd. It is

What is a Khanqah?

A khanqah is a place dedicated to the dissemination of the teachings of the science of the heart (Tasawwuf, Tazkiyah). It was separate from the Masjid due to the

What is a Tariqah?

After the era of the Sahaba, from the beginning of the end of the time of the tabi’in and the beginning of the tab’tabi’in there were zuhhad and ubbad,

The Thanwi Silsila?

The silsilas of four mashayikh are more well known and recognized (in the Indian sub-continent). The silsilas of these four pious saints (may Allah enlighten their graves) became more

A Sign of Nisbat Ma’Allah

Nisbah literally means “relationship” or “connection.” A nisbah is a two-way process. It has two ends. In our context, nisbah ma’Allah (connection with Allah) means Allah’s connection with the

Spiritual Congeniality (Munasabah) Explained

Experience has proven that for gaining spiritual benefit (fuyudh-e-batini), mutual munasabah (compatibility/congeniality) between the Shaykh and murid is a natural condition. Normally benefit is dependent on affection which is

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